How it Works - The Value We Provide

The CIREA is an incredibly valuable network for warehouse owners and businesses looking to purchase or rent warehousing space in Canada.

Our affiliation contains established warehouse owners looking for short-term and long-term businesses to use their warehouses, allowing us to connect businesses with warehouse owners in key Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and more.

The Value of CIREA for Warehouse Owners

For warehouse owners, we provide a space to sell or lease your property. Warehouses that join the CIREA receive continuous quotes and proposals from businesses. They can also take advantage of our many resources, which will help run a warehouse more efficiently.

Our resources include industry news, training articles, and networking opportunities. We also offer educational opportunities, such as our popular webinars, to help warehouse owners keep up with the latest trends.

Warehouses that join the CIREA also obtain official certifications and accreditations that show the warehouse has been vetted for insurance and the property is well maintained.

How to Join the CIREA as a Warehouse Owner

Contact us if you are interested in joining the CIREA as a warehouse owner.

The Value of CIREA for Businesses

For businesses, we are the perfect solution for finding warehousing space in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and all across Canada. We connect you with warehouse owners who have space available for lease, sub-lease, or purchase.

When you submit a request for a quote through our site, we send it out to all of the available warehouse owners in our network that meet your criteria. Our extensive and competitive database ensures you receive the best possible rates.

How to Join the CIREA as a Business

Contact us today to get started if you are interested in joining the CIREA as a business. We look forward to helping you find the perfect warehousing solution for your business.